Guangzhou PCLOUD Information Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established on January 16, 2019. Our main businesses include small program development, artificial intelligence development, and financial technology development. Our core technical team comes from top domestic financial technology companies. In the Chinese market, we are committed to providing high-quality and lifelong cloud development mini programs for small and medium-sized businesses. In overseas markets, we provide artificial intelligence and fintech outsourcing services to the banking industry.

In September 2018, WeChat officially released the mini program cloud development platform, claiming that the cloud development platform provides free servers for mini programs. After learning the news, our technical team immediately developed a mini program based on this platform and delivered it to customers in Guangzhou for use.

In January 2019, WeChat officially released the mini program cloud development platform resource support plan, claiming to provide cloud servers for over one million developers for free. Developers only need to write the program and leave the rest to them.

We are full of confidence in cloud development of small programs, as cloud development of small programs greatly reduces the costs for businesses. Previously, thousands of fees were required each year, but now small programs can be used for life with just a few hundred or a few thousand at a time. And it runs faster, safer, more stable, and officially guaranteed. At present, we have launched over a hundred mini programs for merchants across the country.